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Entry conditions and visas


When you arrive in Denmark to work, there will be a number of practical tasks in order to get the formal framework of your residency in place. For example, you have to register with the tax authorities and with the municipality in which you will live. You should also consider the need to open a bank account, take out insurance, exchange your driver’s licence, find accommodation, etc.


All inhabitants in Denmark are registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR). If you move to Denmark you must therefore contact the municipality in which you live in order to be registered in the CPR.

When you work in Denmark, you must also have a tax card. This is issued to you at the local tax centre. To get a tax card, you must have a CPR number or a tax number. Read more.


How to open an account in a Danish bank. Read more.


Unemployment insurance. Read more.


Everyone with a job in Denmark pays income tax to the state and municipality. When you come to Denmark to work, you must also pay tax on your salary. Read more.

Vehicle & driver’s licence

If you want to drive a vehicle in Denmark, it may be necessary to have your foreign driver’s licence exchanged for a Danish driver’s licence. If you bring your vehicle with you from your home country, the vehicle must be re-registered or you must have obtained exemption. Read more.


By far the majority of foreign employees choose to rent accommodation, especially if the stay in Denmark is for a shorter period.

If you are to stay in Denmark for a long time, you can also choose to buy a home. In some cases, you need to have the Ministry of Justice’s permission to purchase an owner-occupied home. Read more.