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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement


The website is maintained by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The University of Copenhagen acts as the Bridgehead Organisation (Coordinator) of the EURAXESS Denmark network.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science and the Bridgehead Organisation meets obligations related to protection of personal privacy through its compliance with the Danish Data Protection Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Processing of personal data

At and in the Euraxess Denmark Network, we processes personal data in many different situations in order to handle the tasks that relate to our Euraxess activities. and the EURAXESS Denmark network process personal data in connecting with the following:

  • website traffic
  • organisation of courses, seminars or other events
  • meetings
  • communication activities
  • Public enquiries
  • Enquiries concerning the rights of the registered

Personal data is processed confidentially, in accordance with the policies and procedures in effect at all times. Personal data will be processed and stored in secure filing systems. We do not process any other personal information, and when the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, it is deleted or filed in the records of the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science or the Bridgehead Organisation .

EURAXESS accounts

Even though EURAXESS accounts can be created and accessed by you directly on the EURAXESS Denmark web site, your account is handled by the European Commission, as EURAXESS is a pan-European initiative that they coordinate. Further information regarding data collection and regulation in relation to your account can be found on the European EURAXESS website


Inquiries from the public

The Agency processes personal data when individuals contact the agency with an enquiry.

The legal basis for the agency to answer individual enquiries is in many cases unwritten legal principles and principles of suitable public administration practice, where the agency must provide guidance, or respond to, the enquiry. In § 7 of the Public Administrations Act, it is stated that the agency has an obligation to provide guidance, when the enquiry concerns a subject that falls within the area of the agency.

The agency processes the personal data of the individual it is in contact with. Depending on the specific enquiry, the agency may process data about other people.

Sometimes, the agency will transfer personal data to the Department of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science for professional feedback. With the objective of examining a case, the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants might sometimes transfer personal data to the relevant educational institution. Note that it is possible to contact the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's data protection officer as mentioned above.

Safeguarding personal data

The personal data that you have shared with the Danish EURAXESS Bridgehead Organisation and/or the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science will be stored in a secure environment that is not accessible to the public. Your datafile can only be accessed by employees of the above mentioned organisations in the course of their duties.

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has a Data Protection Officer who is tasked with advising the Ministry on the rules for processing personal data, etc.

Contact the Data Protection Officer:


Tel: 72318909

Post: Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, P.O. Box 2135, 1015 Copenhagen K, “att. Data Protection Officer”.


If you have any questions regarding the agency’s processing of your personal data, we recommend you first contact the Bridgehead Organisation or the Agency - see the Contact page for information.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Agency if you are unhappy with the way the Ministry processes your personal data.