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Use of the Portal

The information given on Euraxess Denmark is general in nature and cannot cover each individual case in full detail. Despite this website being subject to constant, careful review, Euraxess Denmark cannot be held accountable or liable for information provided.

We do not guarantee that the information is exhaustive and up to date. The information does not constitute legal advice, and thus cannot replace expert information on a specific topic.

Despite continuous monitoring of our content, Euraxess Denmark is not responsible for information provided via external links. Content providers of external sites are solely liable for that content.


EURAXESS Jobs and Funding Database

Any registered EURAXESS member can apply free of charge to the offers published in the jobs, funding and hosting data base. EURAXESS member organisations can also publish vacancies free of charge.

The responsibility for the advertisements published on this website lies entirely with the employer. The application is handled uniquely by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes. All hiring and compensation for work performed by the applicant is handled directly between the employee and the employer.