Roskilde University

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Researchers: 500 (full time equivalents)

Classical thoroughness combined with problem-oriented interdisciplinary approaches characterise research at Roskilde University. The interdisciplinary approach is underlined by the fact that Roskilde University operates without faculties and that research is organised around six interdisciplinary institutes which altogether account for 40 research groups as well as a large number of research centres.

Roskilde University conducts research within the four main areas: Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Technical Sciences. In terms of full-time equivalents Social Sciences and Humanities are the largest areas by far.

Roskilde University is divided into six different departments:

Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies

Department of Culture and Identity

Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change

Department of Science, Systems and Models

Department of Psychology and Educational Studies

Department of Society and Globalisation