IT University of Copenhagen

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Researchers: 130

The objective of the research at the IT University is to strengthen Denmark's ability to create value with IT. The research aims to provide new insight that could be the foundation for new types of interaction, new breakthroughs in digital culture, better resource optimization, technological innovation, and more.

An important part of the research is the PhD program. Each year, the IT University attracts highly qualified PhD students from all over the world. These students work closely with the faculty on their research projects in order to develop their research skills and their international network.

The IT University’s research combines insight and applicability. Researchers seek deep insight and understanding and are also focused on how the research can be applied in practice and create value. The researchers come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and combine a wide range of competencies in IT. To name only some:

Health care IT and welfare technology

Gaze tracking

Green IT

Software quality

Using computer games in new and surprising contexts

Cloud computing

Ubiquitous/pervasive computing

Process oriented IT