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Welcome to EURAXESS in Denmark

EURAXESS is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to interact with each other. Packed with information, EURAXESS covers mobility issues for researchers and entrepreneurs, allows universities and businesses to find the right talent, and connects people, projects and funding.



Are you a researcher who would like to work in Denmark? - Or are you a Danish researcher who would like to travel abroad?

Here at the EURAXESS Denmark portal you can find online information and assistance for mobile researchers. This portal contains practical information on jobs and funding opportunities and on administrative procedures that affect researchers and their families when moving to a foreign country.

EURAXESS Denmark is part of a European Commission initiative to help mobile researchers. You can find national portals and service centres in all 40 countries that are part of the EURAXESS network. Every portal provides free of charge assistance to researchers and their families in matters such as visas, recognition of diplomas, social security and any other legal and cultural aspects. 





Information and quick links

About EURAXESS Denmark

EURAXESS Denmark and its portal give on-line information and practical assistance for researchers coming to Denmark.

A national network has been formed in order to provide researchers coming to Denmark with the best possible assistance. In Denmark there are eight EURAXESS Contact Points that are part of the European network EURAXESS and follow the EURAXESS Declaration of Commitment. All eight Contact Points are placed at universities.

The EURAXESS Contact Points support the staff of their own institution by providing assistance to researchers coming to or leaving the institution. They offer hands-on-support on matters with mainly a local dimension and are often in face-to-face contact with the researchers and/or their families.

Euraxess Denmark has a steering group with representatives from the eight Contact Points, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, and the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment.

The Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation (Ministry of Higher Education and Science) serves and oversees a wide range of independent councils, commissions and committees which fund, support and advise on research and innovation. The most significant ones are The Danish Council for Independent Research and Innovation Fund Denmark. Read more about the Danish Advisory and Funding System and Danish research policy and the European Commision's Research and Innovation.